Saturday, October 25, 2008

Computer Evangelism Falls Far Short

Computer Evangelism (CE) is a very small segment of the God-honoring Evangelism Computing group.

CE is limited because:

1. Project creator must have working technology and know how to use it. This often alienates society’s senior citizens, a gold mine of win-win opportunity.
2. Project creator must have Internet connectivity, as does the recipient.
3. It most often suffers from using technology as little more than an administrative tool.
4. CE subjects users and their equipment to unsafe and subtle privacy invasions (called Phishing.)
5. CE website design, refreshment, and sponsoring likely becomes drudgery after the newness wears off.

The larger ministry, Evangelism Computing, provides two other segments that find powerful mission forces not possible with CE. They are DIRECTIONS and DISCIPLING.

1. DIRECTIONS The Bible teaches many crucial PRINCIPLES for safe creative computer use as promised by 2nd Timothy 3:16, 17. Churches must present technology as a gift from God to draw people to the scriptures and a close walk with Him. The church needs to see the Bible as up to date as tomorrow’s newspaper. It needs to be shown that God has already made provisions and principles to guide our preschoolers using computers and older youth so easily enticed by flashy screens.
a. Leviticus 11 teaches us advanced search engine techniques.
b. Mark 8 teaches us the power of leftovers in database design.
c. Joshua 7 teaches us the power of proper computer file classification.
d. I’ve found more than 4 dozen of these principles.

This can’t be done by continually creating new curriculum with cowboy and dinosaur themes as church publishers are doing.

2. DISCIPLING We can easily create excited mission-minded children by first showing them how to use computer junk as metaphors to share their faith in their backyard and in yours.
a. Additionally, preschoolers that can’t spell can learn the order of things, respect for technology, and the offices of their church by creating Websites ‘ona Wall and Flour Powered Computers.
b. A keyboard with missing keys can become a contest tool to practice the attributes of Jesus Christ.
c. The insides of a broken mouse can teach how important unity, diversity, character, and human body design are. These are coupled with the young person’s testimony.

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